The descriptive catalogue (for details click 'Get Printed Catalogue') is £5.00 for the UK including postage or £4.00 collected from the nursery - It can be ordered by telephone (01844 237415) with a card or by post with a cheque.

Our fruit trees cannot be ordered online. The availability changes constantly and, for a small business, the distraction and workload of updating availability in real time, on a website, is too great. It just doesn't work in practice. We are happy to check on availability for customers who telephone or email in an order enquiry.



We grow a very large range of varieties on a choice of rootstocks. The number of permutations is considerable and therefore the number of trees of any one variety, on a particular rootstock, is limited. If you want a large number of any one, it is likely they would have to be grafted specially, with advance notice.Trees are usually grafted early in the year. They are ready to go in the autumn, as one season maidens. The stock availability is highest then, although some trees have already been pre-ordered. Any gaps that then appear in the range cannot be replaced before the following autumn. Therefore, it is best to order in summer and autumn for instant availability of something in particular, though we always have many good alternatives throughout the year.



Our trees are container grown, initially in 4 litre deep pots. After two seasons they are transplanted to 7 litre pots. The prices are set according to the pot size. See below for prices. At the nursery, the visitor will have the choice of between 1 and 4 season old trees, though the range of older trees will be more limited as most leave us earlier in their lives. Courier delivery is limited to 4 litre pots - the younger trees.

We do not grow bare rooted trees. There are pros and cons for both container grown and bare rooted trees. Container grown trees can be bought and planted at any time of year and can even be kept in their containers for some time, with care, if planting is delayed or customers are moving house. Bare rooted trees are generally larger, earlier, but can suffer a check or even die back, because they lose fibrous roots when dug up.
Our trees are not grown to a particular form, eg espalier, and are ready for training rather than ready trained. We do not grow 'family' trees.

How to Order
Send in the order form supplied with the catalogue (print one off below, if needed) or order over the telephone (01844 237415). For those collecting, email orders are fine, but for mail order delivery email is not enough, since we need specific information about delivery arrangements and card payment details, by email, are not secure. By all means email, but a further telephone call, or written order will be necessary. Please be sure to include which rootstock you prefer - details are on the relevant web pages - and include alternative varieties if you are happy to be flexible, when some choices are out of stock.

All trees in 4 litre pots are £22.00 each. Older trees in 7 litre pots are £27.00 each. Nuts, currants, vines and other soft or bush fruits are £9.50 each.

Where we graft new trees from wood supplied by customers from their old trees, or when grafting to order, the price is the same for a one year tree. Normally, for such trees, ordered in advance, payment is not required until closer to the time of supply, though for some larger orders a deposit may be required.

Collecting or delivered?
We always prefer to see and assist customers at the nursery, as well as avoid the time consuming and costly business of packing parcels, but we realise many customers need orders delivered. It is worth pointing out that our trees are flexible and several can be fitted in the rear footwells of most cars. If the trip is impossible we can send trees by next day courier, usually quickly, if in stock. 'Next day' does not mean the day after ordering!

Packing and Delivery Charges
Sending out pot grown trees, in their pots, with the weight and volume, is more expensive than others might quote for sending bare root trees. The advantages of pot grown trees unfortunately carry this extra burden. The costs of administration and packing time, materials and high courier charges are substantial, and courier charges have recently risen substantially.

From 1st September the charge is £23.00 for up to 4 trees plus £2.00 for each additional tree after 4. This applies to all UK addresses, except for northern parts of Scotland and any place that involves crossing the sea. For these places couriers add significant extra charges. Please click the link below for details. It might be preferable to arrange delivery to a friend or relative in a cheaper area
Please note that, apart from the catalogue, we do not send outside Britain. There are no restrictions on the movement of fruit trees within the European Community, so you can take them in a car, though permits might be needed for other countries.
We accept all the usual cards. Cheques should be made payable to Bernwode Fruit Trees.
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